Artisan Evaporator/Stripper™

Combines thin-film evaporation and stripping in a single process. Artisan’s falling-film Evaporator/Stripper™ column is the most cost-effective method of reducing volatiles in heat sensitive and viscous products to low ppm or ppb levels.

  • Thin product film maximizes heat and mass transfer
  • Short residence time minimizes fouling, degradation and discoloration of heat-sensitive products
  • Multiple stages strip volatiles to low ppm or ppb levels in one pass
  • High turn-down of up to 10:1
  • No moving parts to maintain

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Evaporator/Stripper’s thin-film, disc-and-tube design offers unique advantages over conventional stripping technologies or vertical falling-film evaporators.

  • Redistribution of the falling-film at each disc creates new surface for intimate liquid/vapor contact resulting in superior mass transfer
  • Constantly maintains film on the trays with repeated liquid distribution, overcoming a major shortcoming of conventional falling-film evaporators
  • Can operate at very low pressure (< 1 mmHg absolute)
  • Typical pressure drop of 0.1 mmHg per tray
  • Self-draining, unobstructed disc-and-tube design handles viscous (up to 8,000 cP), solids-containing, and foaming materials
  • Individually jacketed trays, designed for steam or liquid heating media, permit simultaneous evaporation and stripping
  • Low product hold-up and self-draining design allow for easy CIP and multi-product use


Saves process steps in numerous applications Artisan Continuous Evaporator/Stripper™ is engineered for efficient stripping of volatiles from relatively non-volatile products, especially under high vacuum.

  • Solvent removal from polymers, surfactants, industrial coatings, fats, waxes, vegetable oils
  • Dehydration of organic peroxides or other highly flammable organics
  • Purifying aromatics, tocopherols, alkyl phenols, esters, oleochemicals
  • Recycling solvents, alcohols, ketones
  • Deodorization of polymers, additives, agrichemicals, fish oils, vegetable oils

Multi-Stage Stripping


Strip residual volatiles from products that foam and moderate–to–low viscosity liquids.

Artisan recommends our Evaporator/Stripper™ to strip volatiles down to low ppm or ppb levels. It has the ability to operate at pressures below 1.0mm Hg absolute and to perform simultaneous heat and mass transfer, which enhances its stripping performance. Also, Artisan’s Evaporator/ Stripper™ can be added to sparge gas to further increase stripping efficiency and has the advantages of no-moving parts, short residence time and multi-stage stripping.