Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following waste processing applications:

Distillation Of Solids-Containing And Fouling Materials

source url Artisan’s proprietary DUALFLO® distillation trays demonstrate superior performance in severe applications where packing or conventional trays have failed. DUALFLO trays use the entire column cross-section as active mass transfer surface, enabling higher throughput and eliminating dead spots. Simplicity of design and ease of cleaning greatly reduce both installation and operating costs.

Steam Strip Hexane From Vegetable Oil Containing Lecithin

see Using Artisan’s unique falling film disc and tube Evaporator/Stripper™ System, we are able to strip solvents from from heat sensitive and solids containing products to very low (50 PPM or less) residual levels. The bulk of hexane can be removed from vegetable oil containing Lecithin from 80% to 2 PPM without product degradation. In most cases, one Artisan stripper can replace two or more WFE’s.