JET-VAC® Hydro-Jet Ejectors

JET-VAC Hydro-Jet ejectors are jet pumps, motivated by a high-pressure liquid. They use the kinetic energy of this liquid to entrain gases and vapors, slurries and other liquids or granular solids. They then discharge the resultant mixture against a counter pressure.

Their major components consist of a nozzle head, a converging nozzle, suction head (mixing chamber) and diffuser (venturi).

JET-VAC Hydro-Jet Ejector

Graphite-lined Hydro-Jet

  • Simple design
  • Reliable operation
  • No moving parts
  • No lubrication
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Self-priming
  • Easily activated by simply turning on the flow of the motive liquid

Typical hydro-jet applications include their use as vacuum pumps and vapor condensers, pumps for lifting slurries and waste material containing solids from tanks and sumps and for mixing chemical feeds and dry granular solids.

Type “W”

Single-stage Hydro-Jet units using motive liquids are ideal for applications where steam is not available. They will handle large volumes of condensable vapors. Non-condensable handling capacities are less than steam-jets and determined by the velocity of motivating liquids. Type “W” series are available in 1-inch and up sizes.

Type “WS”

These ejectors are combination units with one or more high-pressure steam-jets preceding a Hydro-Jet. They are used to maintain absolute pressures lower than the vapor pressure of the motivating liquid. The Hydro-Jet replaces a condenser and final stage steam-jet, eliminating the need for a barometric leg and high-elevation mounting.

Packaged Hydro-Jet Water Recirculating Systems

These systems minimize the expense of using large volumes of water to handle non-condensables. The “WS” Hydro-Jet unit is combined with a heat exchanger to remove the heat from condensing steam. Any build-up of contaminates in recirculated water can then be carried away and treated. Hydro-Jet packaged systems are portable and easy to install – requiring only steam, electric power and cooling water hook-ups.

Hydro-Jet design and fabrication standards

Artisan”s JET-VAC Division can design and fabricate modifications, combination units and package systems to accommodate variable operating conditions encountered in specific applications. Standard units use stainless steel nozzle and cast iron nozzle head, suction head and diffuser. Corrosion-resistant units use impervious graphite nozzle with graphite-lined suction head and diffuser. All graphite parts are interchangeable with standard parts, so conversions require no piping changes. Other available materials include stainless steel, Monel®, Hastelloy®, and titanium.