Thin-Film Evaporators
The Rototherm horizontal design gives you significant advantages
thin film evaporators that deliver higher product purity and yield
The Artisan Rototherm® is a horizontal, mechanically-aided, continuous thin- film evaporator designed for difficult concentration, evaporation, and reaction applications.

Process Benefits
  • Up to 99% evaporation in a single pass
  • Minimal to no degradation of heat sensitive materials
  • High viscosity capability (up to 1 million centipoise)
  • Negligible pressure drop and entrainment
  • High turn-down of 10:1 or greater on feed rate.
  • High surface to volume ratio

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The Rototherm® horizontal design gives you follow url significant advantages over other horizontal thin–film or wiped–film evaporators.

  • Fully–wetted process wall at all evaporation and feed rates
  • Thin film unaffected by gravity
  • Higher heat flux due to more uniform film
  • No dry spots and minimal to no fouling
  • Considerably less solvent required for cleaning
  • Readily accessible external bearings and double mechanical seals
  • No internal bottom bearing in contact with the process stream
  • Easy installation and maintenance


provigil no prescription Artisan’s stripping technology gives you the ability to remove volatile components from less volatile materials that are heat sensitive, viscous, foaming or contain solids. All of our stripping equipment offers the advantages of short residence time, minimal holdup volume and simplicity of operation.

Single-Stage Stripping


Strip volatiles from high-viscosity polymers, emulsions, products that foam and products containing solids

For these applications, Artisan recommends our Rototherm® E to strip volatiles from the product. Rototherm® E can be equipped with sparge gas to increase the stripping efficiency and has the ability to operate at pressures as low as 1 mm Hg absolute.