Thermal Separation Equipment
Artisan is a world leader in thin-film separation technology
Artisan specializes in thermal separations involving evaporation, distillation, and stripping of difficult-to-process materials. Our thin-film processors handle a wide range of products including thermally unstable materials and viscosities exceeding one million centipoise, as well as solids-containing and foaming materials.

With residence times ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes, our processors are ideally suited for purifying high-value products like antioxidants, specialty chemicals and polymers, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages.



buy provigil in south africa Artisan’s horizontal thin/ processors are spcially designed to evaporate, concentrate or even strip volatile components from heat-sensitive and viscous materials. The horizontal design permits evaporation up to 99% without product degradation. Learn more about Artisan Rototherm®…

Distillation Artisan’s high capacity Dualflo™ distillation trays are widely used in processing foaming and fouling materials. Dualflo trays have no down-comers or over-flow weirs, so the entire column cross-section is utilized in mass transfer. Our packed columns are designed with proprietary internal condensers to eliminate vapor lines for ultra high vacuum applications, which require minimal pressure drop. More information

Solvent Recovery

see url Artisan’s thin-film evaporator and distillation technologies can be combined to process a wide range of solvent products or recover solvent from waste streams for reuse. For many applications purities exceeding manufacturers’ specifications can be achieved. Learn more about Artisan Rototherm®…


Artisan’s unique stripping technologies are designed to remove volatile components from relatively non-volatile materials to ppm or even ppb levels without product degradation. Applications involving heat sensitive, viscous, foaming or solids containing materials are ideally suited for our technologies. More information

Continuous Reaction

florinef buy online Artisan’s horizontal thin/wiped-film processor can perform continuous liquid/liquid and gas/liquid reactions, including, saponification, esterification and other equilibrium driven reactions. In most cases, reaction and subsequent evaporation/stripping of the by-products are accomplished simultaneously. Learn more about Artisan Rototherm®…


Artisan’s horizontal thin-film dryer can simultaneously evaporate and dry a variety of products in a single pass. Products as varied as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to a number of food additives, precious metals, and even nano-particles have been effectively dried to  free flowing powders, while preserving the quality of the products. More information