Separation Technology Spotlight: Pervaporation

December 4, 2015

Specializing in providing separation solutions to our customers, Artisan’s product portfolio now includes Pervaporation membrane technology systems. Pervaporation is the selective evaporation of one component of a liquid mixture using a membrane. It has the potential to replace conventional energy-intensive techniques, such as distillation and conventional process evaporation.

Membrane technology allows for a major transition to a more energy efficient and sustainable chemical industry. As an improvement from existing processes, membrane separation processes offer higher selectivity, lower energy consumption, modular designs and a moderate cost-to-performance ratio. In addition to the environmental benefits of reducing waste, the resulting waste disposal costs are minimized, because materials previously discarded as waste, can be reused and recycled. Overall, an investment in Pervaporation membrane systems, will provide energy savings, reduced waste disposal costs, while providing reduced capital equipment costs and numerous process benefits.

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