ROTOTHERM with Screw Outlet

NEW Rototherm® Screw Outlet

Artisan is pleased to introduce an exciting new option to our Rototherm® evaporators and dryers – the Rototherm® Screw Outlet.  By incorporating a special screw device directly into the Rototherm® process section, product is effectively discharged without accumulating or clogging at the outlet.  This is especially effective for materials that become sticky, viscous, tarry, and/or crust-forming as they are concentrated or dried in the Rototherm®.

Operating Principle

    • A screw barrel is welded to the Rototherm® process section in place of a conventional outlet nozzle. The barrel is oriented perpendicular to the main axis of the Rototherm® and placed such that the screw is effectively tangent to the Rototherm® rotor blades.  A single screw or self-cleaning, intermeshing twin screw may be installed in the barrel.
    • The screw device has its own variable speed drive motor.
    • As the concentrated product reaches the discharge zone of the Rototherm®, the Rototherm® rotor blades push the product directly into the screw outlet.
    • The screw pushes the final product into a collection vessel or extrudes it through a die. For many products, the product itself can make a vacuum-to-atmosphere seal at the outlet of the screw.



      • Polymers
      • Food concentrates/intermediates
      • Waste streams

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