Meet your chilled water demand with our economical chilled water system


JET-VAC® ejector-based continuous vacuum chiller produce high volume chilled water to meet or exceed your facilities requirements. Our proprietary optimization software maximizes efficiency by factoring in the cost of steam and cooling water.

  • Reduced component cooling water temperature
  • Reduced discharge water temperature
  • Reliable! No moving parts
  • No electricity required
  • Lower utility & maintenance costs
  • Minimize downtime
  • Green Technology – No chemical refrigerants
  • Low noise
  • Few spare parts needed in inventory
*Pictured above: 100 ft. tall steam jet chiller produces controlled – temperature plant cooling water from ground water in Louisiana.

Chilled Water From Steam

Steam, even low-pressure exhaust steam, can be used to produce chilled water. Steam creates a vacuum as it passes through a jet ejector. The vacuum causes a portion of the water passing through a flash chamber to evaporate, and the temperature of the remaining water is reduced depending on the vacuum level. Fore each pound of water that is evaporated, approximately 1000 BTU’s of heat are removed.


Steam Jet Air Ejector (SJAE)

Providing the most reliable vacuum at the lowest capital and operating cost


2-stage twin element SJAE

Turbine Condenser Air Removal

A turbine condenser venting system typically consists of a hogging ejector plus two ejector stages with inter- and after-condensers. When starting the turbine the hogging ejector reduces the condenser pressure from atmospheric to 10 in. of Hg. Abs. in 30 minutes. The Two-stage system is designed to maintain the condenser vacuum once the hogging ejector has initially pulled down the vacuum level. Parallel twin ejectors are often provided at each stage so that turbine operation is not interrupted even when infrequent ejector maintenance is performed.

The Artisan Advantage
  • Complete system responsibility
  • Complete vacuum package includes controls
  • Professional and timely support during inquiry, proposal, engineering, manufacturing and start-up
  • Custom engineering with state-of-the-art computer analysis
  • Shell and tube or direct contact condensers
  • Many different materials of construction are available such as; steel, cast iron, stainless steel,
  • Hastelloy®, titanium, or graphite lined etc.
Steam Jet Ejectors

power-energy5Desuperheater: Are atomizing devices that reduce the temperature of vapors flowing in a pipeline by heat transfer through evaporation. Used in chemical plants and refineries.
Thermocompressors: are used in the power industry to boost low-pressure steam and to mix, transfer and compress gasses.
Thermo-syphons: are jet pumps that use steam or other high-pressure condensable vapors to pump or recirculate liquids.
Single & Multi-Stage Jet Vacuum System: able to handle large process loads with vacuum levels in the microns.
Hybrid Multi-Stage Vacuum System: A small, compact modular package, offering reduced steam consumption, and low level installation – eliminates barometric leg.