Stripping Heat Sensitive Products To Low Ppm Levels Of Volatiles

Problem: Stripping heat sensitive, viscous, or solids containing
products, such as vitamins, fatty acids, plasticizers, phenolic resins,
and pesticides.

Solution: Artisan proprietary falling film Evaporator/Strippers™ are widely used to strip solvents from heat sensitive and solids containing high value products. Short residence time, high surface to volume ratio and extremely low pressure drop make it the most economical alternative to vertical wiped film evaporators (WFE). In most cases, one Artisan stripper can replace two or more WFE’s.

  • VOC’s from latex emulsions to PPM level
  • Monomer from copolymer
  • Solvent from heat sensitive, unstable dye dispersions
  • Purifying Pesticides And Herbicides