Reduce Your Rad Waste With Continuous Water Removal

Treatment of RAD waste is critical to the nuclear industry. Most government sites have accumulated millions of gallons of waste and are in dire need of remediation. Artisan’s Rototherm E thin/wiped film evaporator can efficiently reduce the waste volume by evaporating the water.

Rototherm can concentrate the waste to a slurry or free-flowing powder depending on your requirements. In either case, Artisan’s one- or two-stage entrainment separation equipment can achieve a decontamination factor (DF) of 10-6 with the distilled water conductivity as low as 5 µS.

Rototherm is a horizontal, continuous thin-film evaporator designed for difficult evaporation applications. Each unit is designed to meet specific customer and application requirements.

Rototherm can produce dry free-flowing powder from highly dilute aqueous waste in a single pass. This reduces the number of unit operations, which is essential for a nuclear facility.

Most wastes contain inorganic salts, particularly chlorides. Artisan’s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing Rototherm in nickel alloys, including Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, AL6XN, and nickel-clad and titanium, separates us from the competition.

Rototherm also eliminates large volumes of radioactive caustic by continuously reacting the liquid waste with CO2 to produce wet sodium carbonate. The sodium carbonate is simultaneously dried to a free-flowing powder for disposal.

Features & Benefits where to buy Pregabalin online Rototherm offers these features and benefits for RAD waste remediation: