Recovering Glycerin & Other Valuable Food Additives


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neurontin side effects Continuous vacuum evaporation/distillation of glycerin from a vegetable oil, containing 20% glycerin along with 2% sodium slats. High purity glycerin is recovered overhead while a concentrated residue is discharged as waste.

Problem: Recovering glycerin and other heat sensitive, solids containing valuable food additives can not be effectively accomplished using conventional evaporation techniques.

Solution: Use an Artisan Rototherm® mechanically agitated thin
film processor to continuously evaporate and distill glycerin and other heat sensitive solids containing products, without color formation, while achieving greater than 95% yield. Owing to its extremely short residence time, narrow residence time distribution, rapid surface renewal, and high heat transfer rates, product degradation is minimized, while purity and yield are maximized.


  • Recovering high purity glycerin from a vegetable oil, containing 20% glycerin and 2% sodium salts. Glycerin is distilled overhead, leaving a residue stream containing the oil, along with the salt.