Recover Costly Solvents

A common problem that the pharmaceutical industries face is the cost associated with large quantities of solvent needed for Preparative (PREP) and Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography systems. We have installations recovering and recycling 99% of the solvent used in these processes.

Problem: Many compounds are produced in dilute solutions of solvent or are purified in mobile solvent streams, as in the case of chromatography. Heat sensitive, biologically active or intermediate structures within solvent laden, foaming, and/or fouling solutions are challenging mixtures for the recovery of valuable pharmaceutical or fine chemical molecules. Heat sensitivity presents a critical problem because elevated temperatures and exposure time must be controlled to preserve molecular integrity. Solutions with difficult compositions may foul heat transfer surfaces or form disruptive foams that inhibit the process. If heat transfer surfaces foul, throughput is reduced.

Solution: Rototherm®, Artisan’s horizontal processor overcomes the problems of fouling, foaming, heat sensitivity, solvent content, etc. It allows concentrating and isolating the important ingredient quickly, often in seconds, in a single step. The process can be turned down to accommodate variable processing rates. The process is scalable to any capacity, and active compound efficacy can be demonstrated easily at small volumes and very low concentrations. The combination of vacuum operation and short residence time prevents product degradation. The unique rotor in Rototherm processor allows for efficient self-cleaning of the internal heat transfer surfaces. The highly turbulent thin-film at the heated surface enables heat flux rates of 10,000 to 50,000 BTU/hr-ft². Many feed and processing strategies can be employed to optimize the operation.

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