Purifying Natural Flavors & Extracts

Problem: Purification of high value, heat sensitive, viscous, solids containing, foaming, and/or fouling aqueous and organic products poses tremendous challenges to the process engineer, especially when extremely low residual contaminant levels are required without the loss of valuable ingredients. This is particularly applicable to thermally sensitive materials, such as plant extracts, where exposure to process temperatures must be minimized to prevent product degradation.

Solution: Use the Artisan proprietary mechanically agitated thin-film evaporator with a fractionating column to purify and concentrate your product. Strip the undesirable contaminants to non-detectable levels with no loss of valuable aroma/flavor compounds. The highly turbulent film, extremely short residence time and rapid surface renewal make the Rototherm the most suitable evaporator/concentrator for your difficult purification problems.


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  • Concentrate and purify nut flavor extract from a mixture containing dissolved solids (product), alcohol, water, propylene glycol an d20 PPM contaminant. The contaminant is reduced to 10 PPB, while concentrating the extract by six (6) fold.
  • Purify orange peel oil by removing a variety of pesticides to less than a combined 1 PPM by evaporating D-Limonene in the Rototherm®.
  • Concentrate citrus oil by evaporating D-Limonene in a Rototherm® with a fractionating column to concentrate Decanal, while minimizing product carry-over. Due to the short residence in the Rototherm®, product color and quality is superior to those concentrated by batch distillation.