Purification Of Monomers and Polymers


http://gratitudehouse.org/programs-services/outpatient-services/outpatient-job-vocational-training/ Problem: Desolventizing and stripping latex emulsions.

Solution: Artisan falling film disc and tube Evaporator/Strippers™ effectively desolventize and strip to low PPM level a variety of lattices –in a single step and without product degradation. The Evaporator/Stripper’s high mass transfer capability greatly reduces steam consumption.


  • Continuous removal of residual styrene monomer from copolymer.
  • Continuous removal of ethyl acetate from photographic dye dispersion.
  • Continuous removal of high boiling volatiles from soap based latex emulsions.
  • Continuous removal of vinyl chloride monomer from aqueous copolymer emulsion.