Product Concentration Solutions

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Artisan’s Two -Zone Mechanically Agitated Thin-Film Processor

Problem: Carrying out an equilibrium reaction while simultaneously concentrating the reaction product and discharging a solid or a slurry – in a single step.
Product Concentration Solutions: Artisan’s two-zone mechanically agitated thin-film processors are used to carry out continuous reactions. The co-current design, with two zone process section, permits reaction, concentrating the reaction products and discharging a heavy slurry or solid – all in a single step.

Examples: Single stage saponification of isostearic acid with sodium hydroxide, forming a stoichiometric soap, and steam stripping the “unsaps” from the soap, discharging a paste purified soap with an acid value of 195, and an unsap value <1; also, esterification; acetylation; ketalization.