Drying Strategies For Flavors & Food Ingredients

Problem: Producing free flowing powders with little or no moisture from liquid or slurry food products in a single pass. best place to buy viagra online uk
Solution: Artisan mechanically agitated thin film processors are widely used to produce free flowing powders from a variety of food ingredients. Rapid heat transfer, plug flow, and extremely short residence time permit concentration and drying of the most heat sensitive, foaming/fouling products from very dilute concentrations all the way to powdering one single positive pass through the Rototherm. In most applications,this eliminates one operating step; either a pre-concentration, or a drying step. In addition, significant capital and energy savings (factor of 2-3) are realized when the Rototherm replaces a spray dryer.However, If the final moisture specification requires spray drying,significant amount of energy is saved by feeding a more concentrated solution to the dryer, with the added benefit of preserving more of the valuable volatile flavor compounds.


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  • Drying a heat sensitive protein containing fiber and starch by evaporating water from a 2% aqueous solution to a free flowing powder with a moisture content of less than 5%. This application eliminated a lyophilizing step.
  • Concentrating and drying an aqueous soy isoflavones stream from 2% solids to a free flowing powder containing less than 1% moisture.
  • Concentrating and drying aqueous niacinamide from 50% moisture to a dry free-flowing powder with no product degradation.