Distillation Of Solids-Containing And Fouling Materials

Problem: Distillation of solids containing, foaming, and fouling
aqueous and organic materials.

Solution: Artisan’s proprietary DUALFLO® distillation trays demonstrate superior performance in severe applications where packing or conventional trays have failed. Compared to conventional trays,DUALFLO trays eliminate the need for overflow weirs and downcomers. DUALFLO trays use the entire column cross-section as active mass transfer surface, enabling higher throughput and eliminating dead spots. Simplicity of design and ease of cleaning greatly reduce both installation and operating costs.

Examples: Steam stripping VOC’s from ground water, steam
stripping emulsions and suspensions, distilling solvents from
carbohydrates, and distilling solvents from aqueous salt solutions.

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