Distillation of MEG

Distillation of MEG using the Artisan Dualflo® Distillation trays for Pratt & Whitney, CT, USA


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follow site Artisan designed and built a Distillation system using the Dualflo® trays for the removal of 30,000 pph of water from MEG solution at a rate of 54,000 pph. The starting composition of the solution was 40% MEG, balance water and some sediment. The column bottoms was concentrated to 90% w MEG and the overhead water contained less than 30 ppm of MEG.

This was the second system delivered to P &W; the first system was delivered in 1966 and the last has been operating continuously since 1999 with no down time due to the simplicity of the Dualflo® trays, staying clean and not fouling owning to the high traffic of vapor and liquid on each tray.

The column consisted of 15 trays in a 9 ft. diameter column with overall height of 55 ft. the balance of the system comprised a thermosyphon reboiler, overhead reflux condensers and feed preheater/bottoms cooler for energy savings.