Concentrating Carbohydrates

Problem: Concentrating carbohydrates, and other similar heat sensitive products can not be accomplished by conventional evaporation technologies. The extreme sensitivity of these materials to time and
temperature exposure, further compounded by foaming, and fouling tendencies, make them particularly challenging to process without product degradation, and fouling of the heat transfer surfaces.

Solution: The Artisan Rototherm® mechanically agitated evaporator in uniquely qualified for these types of applications, owing to its extremely short residence time, generally measured in seconds, narrow residence time distribution, rapid surface renewal, and high heat transfer rates. The Rototherm® is able to evaporate in a single pass, up to 99% of a feed solution, while achieving turn down ratios of 10 and higher, without product burn-on.

Example: Continuous vacuum evaporation and concentration of an artificial sweetener (sucralose) from 16% solids to 73% solids by evaporating 93% of the solvent consisting of dimethyl formamide, acetic
acid and cyclohexane, producing a highly concentrated carbohydrate product.