Concentrating Beverages To Higher Levels Than Conventional Evaporators

Problem: Concentrating coffee, tea, and other solids containing liquids pose severe operating challenges to the coffee, and beverage industry. Typically, conventional technologies, such as multiple effect, falling film, or forced circulation evaporators are used to accomplish this task, with mixed results depending on the particular application, and the degree of solids concentration. These problems generally stem from the heat and shear sensitivity, to foaming, and fouling characteristics of these materials.

Solution: Use the Artisan Rototherm® mechanically aided thin film evaporator to overcome these problems, and concentrate in a single pass a variety of beverages to solids contents, typically achieved in two or more unit operations. The Rototherm’s ability to concentrate from a dilute feed to very high solids content, without product degradation, makes it the most versatile processor in the industry. The combination of short residence time, highly turbulent film, and the robust design of the unit, enables uninterrupted operation longer than any other processor. Due to the horizontal design, and close clearance between the spinning rotor and the inner shell, CIP is generally accomplished by charging the vessel with a few liters of suitable cleaning solution, and running the machine for a few minutes, drastically reducing consumption, and waste generation.

  • Concentrating coffee to greater than 80% solids, in a single step, achieving a consistent high quality concentrate.
  • Concentrating caffeine from a wet solvent rich solution to a dry powder, with less than 100 PPM residual solvent in a single step.
  • Concentrating tea from a dilute solution to greater than 50% solids in a single pass, without product degradation.