Chilled Water From Steam

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chilled-water alternative-to-refrigeration
Problem: Many plants don’t have the abundant supply of cool water required for their processes, particularly during hot seasons.

Solution: JET-VAC ejector-based vacuum chillers can produce the required quantity of water for efficient process operations at temperatures from ambient to freezing. Meet your chilled water demand with Artisan’s economical Steam Jet Chiller, a chilled water system.

enter site JET-VAC chillers can reliably cool water from conventional cooling towers and other sources. They use low-pressure steam to achieve the required chilling temperatures year-round and have numerous industrial applications for processing liquids, solids and heat-sensitive materials.

JET-VAC® ejector-based continuous vacuum chillers produce high volume chilled water to meet or exceed your facilities requirements. Steam, even low-pressure exhaust steam, can be used to produce chilled water. Steam creates a vacuum as it passes through a jet ejector. The vacuum causes a portion of the water passing through a flash chamber to evaporate, and the temperature of the remaining water is reduced depending on by the vacuum level. For each pound of water that is evaporated, approximately 1000 BTU’s of heat are removed. Our proprietary optimization software maximizes efficiency by factoring in the cost of steam and cooling water.


chilled water from steam