Aroma Recovery

Problem: Recovering valuable flavors and aromas from beverages is typically accomplished by steam stripping under vacuum to preserve the volatile flavors. For most applications, such as in coffee or tea processing, it is more desirable to recover the flavor/aroma compounds directly from the raw material (slurry) as opposed to the extract (liquid). This will dramatically improve the yield and enables substitution of expensive flavor additives from processors own material. However, current technologies such as wiped film evaporators, and other mechanically driven rotary type devices have many disadvantages.

Solution: The Artisan Evaporator/Stripper® is the only “multi-stage non-mechanical” thin film processor capable of stripping valuable flavors/aromas directly from a slurry. The Evaporator/Stripper not only costs considerably less than the competing technologies to install and operate, it offers additional feature/benefits.


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  • No moving parts
  • Low residence time
  • Multi-staged
  • Low gas/liquid ratio
  • Low pressure drop
  • Ease of operation
  • Easy to clean

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  • No maintenance
  • No product degradation
  • Superior mass transfer
  • Saves stripping steam
  • Low pressure/temperature
  • Minimal supervision
  • CIP/aseptic processing


Examples: Recovering flavors/aromas from fruit and vegetable juices or purees, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, hot beverages such as coffee and tea, botanicals, herbs and spices, and citrus byproducts.