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ProTherm® 50 – Test your process before you scale up from lab to production
Artisan’s ProTherm® 50 is a scaled-down version of our highly regarded Rototherm® thin-film evaporator. It’s ideal for use by laboratory chemists and pilot plant engineers as a continuous-process alternative to large, glass rotary evaporators.

Benefits over batch processing
  • Less product exposure time to heated surfaces
  • No bumping and foaming into the condenser
  • Easier material handling, especially for toxic compounds
  • Reduced risk of product loss from broken glass vessels
  • Reliable scale up to larger commercial operations

ProTherm® 50 purifies heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals

see ProTherm® 50 handles difficult, heat-sensitive, foaming intermediates and APIs with no loss of product. Also, thin-film evaporation minimizes temperature exposure and entrainment into the distillate. Protherm® 50 improves both product purity and yield.

ProTherm® 50 allows cGMP process scale-up

click ProTherm® 50 provides cGMP-standard purification of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine or specialty chemicals. Plus, you can scale up to commercial cGMP production.