Environmental impact is a growing concern as the use of plastics and bioplastics increases.
Artisan’s expertise in the field of monomer and polymer processing can help you address these concerns.

Removing solvents or odors from monomers and low viscosity polymers can be difficult, especially in a single continuous pass or as a batch process. Purifying high viscosity polymers is even more difficult, since both heat and mass transfer rates are inhibited. Whether you’re removing impurities to lower levels or reducing trace odors to meet your customer’s stringent specifications, Artisan has the know-how to help you achieve your goals.

We have engineered solutions for the toughest applications. Our ability to strip to low ppm levels without product degradation is unmatched. Our technology has helped major manufacturers, including Fortune 500 companies, stay ahead of the competition for nearly 75 years.

Artisan’s mechanically agitated, thin-film, short-residence-time technology is ideally suited for heat-sensitive and viscous materials or products that foul, foam or contain solids. Our equipment can process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise.

Our polymer processing experience includes:
  • Purification of monomers
  • Stripping residual monomers and solvents from polymers
  • Drying polymers to free flowing powders
  • Desolventizing latex and acrylic emulsions, resins and solution polymers
  • Polymer devolatization and reaction
Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following polymers applications:

Polymer Devolatization And Reaction

buy modafinil provigil uk The Artisan horizontal thin-film processor provides a unique combination of efficient heat transfer, short residence time and mechanical robustness to handle high viscosity polymers. The result is efficient processing of viscous materials without product degradation with many advantages over conventional extruders.