Our extensive experience includes the following pharmaceutical separations:
  • Concentration and drying  of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), intermediates and nutraceuticals
  • Solvent recovery from kilo lab and prep chromatography operation
  • Solvent management from Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography
  • Drying heat sensitive liquids or slurries to free flowing powders in a single pass
  • Recovering heat sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), intermediate or fine chemicals from solvents
  • Specially designed thin-film evaporators to handle foam stable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Concentration and purification of micro-emulsions
Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following pharmaceutical applications: 
Process heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals without product degradation

Constantly evolving products and manufacturing methods are creating new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Thermally unstable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs) and bio products can degrade during conventional evaporation and distillation, especially in batch operations. Artisan’s thin-film, short residence time technology is ideally suited for heat-sensitive, viscous materials and liquids that foul, foam or contain solids.

Our technology minimizes temperature exposure and entrainment, improving product purity and yield. And our rugged equipment can process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise. Our experience in recovering, evaporating, stripping, and drying has helped nearly all the world’s leading companies advance and optimize their production methods.

Recover Costly Solvents

enter Solvent laden, foaming, and/or fouling solutions are challenging mixtures for the recovery of valuable pharmaceutical or fine chemical molecules. The Rototherm®, Artisan’s horizontal processor, overcomes the problems of fouling, foaming, heat sensitivity, solvent content, etc., allowing for concentration and isolation of important ingredient quickly, often in seconds, in a single step.

Drying High Value Liquid Products

buy a heart lyrics Artisan’s mechanically agitated thin-film processors are widely used to produce free flowing powders from a variety of heat sensitive products. Rapid heat transfer, plug flow, and extremely short residence time make them the most versatile “single step” processors in the industry.