Pervaporation Technology – Separate Your Miscible Liquids Using a Selective Membrane

July 15, 2015


The patented hydrophilic membranes used in Artisan Pervaporation systems have much higher flux rates and significantly greater selectivity. They also provide better stability, in water and strong solvents, and operate over a more broad temperature range than most conventional polymeric Pervaporation membranes.

Artisan Pervaportation systems are available in a variety of sizes to meet  your specific needs. Due to each unique application, we combine our extensive experience with data from our Pilot Plant Facility to determine the optimal design to address your needs.


Higher Product Quality

Increased Yield of Valuable Material

Less Thermal Degradation of heat Sensitive Materials

Separation of Azeotrope-Forming Materials

No Emissions

Please Contact Csky Young for Any Additional Pervaporation Information at or 781-893-6800 ext. 279