Efficient and Reliable Membrane Systems
DEHYDRATE SOLVENTS and BREAK AZEOTROPES in a single step to as low as 0.01% water
INCREASE RATES AND YIELDS in esterification & water-limited reactions

Our NEW HybSi (hybrid silica) Pervaporation Membranes are capable of withstanding higher operating temperatures and pressures for more efficient and effective separations, as well as a greater range of material compatibility, such as with acidic feed materials. The manufacturer of these membranes is our partner, Pervatech BV.

BENEFITS over Conventional Distillation
  • Higher product quality
  • Increased yield of valuable material
  • Less thermal degradation of heat-sensitive materials
  • Separation of azeotrope-forming materials

Industries & Applications:

  • Chemical
  • High-Value Product Recovery
  • Stripping of Volatiles
  • Methanol Purification
  • Dehydrating Explosive or Highly Flammable Organics


  • Solvent Recovery
  • Drying APIs
  • Concentration of high value fine chemicals and products

Food & Beverage

  • Purification and Concentration
  • Recover Heat Sensitive Additives

Edible Oils & Oleochemical

  • Recovering Glycerin
  • Monoglycerids

& Many More!




1. Feed is circulated, from the feed, through the pervaporation membrane module, either batch or continuously.

2. The membrane allows for permeation of select components (typically water).

3. The permeate evaporates as it is transfers through the membrane and is exposed to vacuum.

4. Permeate vapor exits the unit and is continuously collected.

5. The retentate is circulated back to the feed tank before ultimately being purged from the system.

Feasibility & Pilot Testing

We operate one of the most comprehensive pilot test facilities in the industry. Custom configured single or multi-staged systems are designed for your specific process, including pervaporation testing capabilities. Whether you need to pilot a new process or improve an existing one, our experienced engineers will work with you to develop a cost effective solution to give you the competitive edge.

Artisan pervaporation systems are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific processing needs. Because each application is unique, we combine our extensive experience with data from our pilot facility to determine the optimal design to address your needs.

Operating Capabilities
  • Initial water concentration: 0.5 – 40% (w/w)
  • Operating temperature: 40 – 400° F
  • Batch size: 1 – 30,000 gallons
  • Flow rates: 5 – 5,000 gal/day
  • pH: 4 – 10
  • Vacuum: < 10 mbar
  • Membrane module areas range from 0.01 to 100 square meters