Few products have as wide a range of applications as oleochemicals. They are used in everything from foods to alternative fuels, personal care products, printing inks and detergents. Artisan has decades of experience in concentrating, desolventizing, drying, recovering and deodorizing oleochemical products.

Whether you need to purify lubricants or recover solvent from bioplastics, our experience in oleochemicals will be invaluable to your research and engineering teams. We have solved difficult separation problems employing a wide range of process technologies including thin/wiped film evaporation, distillation, drying and proprietary stripping.

Our comprehensive pilot plant can help you improve your existing process or develop a new, cost-effective solution.

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Our oleochemical processing experience includes:
  • Steam strip hexane from vegetable oil containing lecithin
    – from 80% to 2 PPM without product degradation
  • Remove methyl ester from crude coconut oil – from 50% to less than 1%
  • Dehydrate crude vanillin from 20% to less than 50 PPM
  • Remove hexane from marigold oleoresin – from 10% to 25 PPM
  • Strip cholesterol from butter fat and lard to less than 100 PPM
  • Desolventize edible oils to ppm levels
  • Strip methanol from paprika oleoresin to ppm levels
Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following oleochemical application:

Deodorize and Desolventize Edible Oils And Oleochemicals Use Artisan’s unique falling film disc and tube Evaporator/Stripper™ is able to desolventize and strip organic solvents from concentrated oils to low PPM residual level (50 PPM or less). The Evaporator/Stripper offers many advantages over conventional wiped film evaporators (WFE’s) and packed columns, allowing for processing of viscous and mass transfer limited feed streams.