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Use Artisan’s Thin-film Technologies to improve product quality, increase yield and reduce operating costs

watch Artisan’s thin-film technology minimizes residence time, improves heat and mass transfer and reduces operating cost for evaporation, stripping and distillation processes.

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We streamline complex, multi–step processes by decreasing the number of unit operations and by reducing waste and energy consumption. We improve the environment by cutting fugitive emissions.

Artisan can help you develop a more efficient process for the most viscous, fouling or solids-containing products.

Application-specific engineering delivers higher performance

To remain competitive in today’s global market, you must improve product quality, increase yield and cut operating costs.We can custom-design a process system for your specific application. We draw upon our extensive engineering experience to develop the optimal solution for difficult thermal separations. This experience gives you a process that will improve your product quality and your bottom line.

Unparalleled manufacturing standards provide long-term reliability

Once your process is proven in our pilot plant, we’ll use the pilot test data along with proprietary scale-up algorithms and process simulation software to design your production-scale equipment. When detailed engineering is completed, our fabrication shop will build the equipment to the high standards for which Artisan is known throughout the industry. Thorough inspection by our quality control team, your installed system will meet design specifications, throughout the equipment life.

Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following oil & gas applications:

Chilled Water From Steam

Steam, even low-pressure exhaust steam, can be used to produce chilled water. Steam creates a vacuum as it passes through a jet ejector. The vacuum causes a portion of the water passing through a flash chamber to evaporate, and the temperature of the remaining water is reduced depending on the vacuum level. For each pound of water that is evaporated, approximately 1000 BTU’s of heat are removed.

Dry Explosive Or Highly Flammable Organics

Artisan’s patented falling film disc and tube Evaporator/Strippers™ are utilized to dry organic peroxides used as curing agents in polyester and vinyl chloride polymerization. Low holdup volume and “no crevice” design make it the safest method for continuous drying of these highly explosive or flammable organics.