Rototherm® Twin Screw Extrusion Outlet Technology

where to buy Lyrica 150mg March 8, 2016

Twin Screw technology

get link Artisan Industries Inc. is pleased to introduce a new option to our Rototherm® Thin-Film Evaporators and Dryers. By incorporating a screw device, directly into the unit, we completely eliminate the potential for product build-up in the outlet. This is very effective for materials that become sticky, viscous, tarry, and/or crust-forming as they are concentrated or dried.

buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap Operating Principles:
• A screw barrel is integrated into the evaporator, in place of a conventional outlet nozzle.
• The screw device has its own variable speed drive motor.
• As the concentrated product reaches the discharge zone of the Rototherm®, the Rototherm® rotor blades push the product directly into the screw.
• The screw pushes the final product into a collection vessel or extrudes it through a die. For many products, the product itself can make a vacuum-to-atmosphere seal at the outlet of the screw.

Please email or call 781-893-9800 for more information on how this new technology could improve your process and/or to get the most out of your product!