Artisan’s thin-film short residence time technology is ideally suited for heat sensitive and viscous food products that foul, foam or contain solids. Thin-film technology will not degrade or denature proteins like wiped-film evaporators with high shear forces.  Our rugged equipment can process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise.

Using our innovative separation solutions, Artisan has helped the world’s leading food companies create new products or improve existing ones. We’ve helped our customers take products from development through full production, improving both productivity and profitability along the way.

Our engineers work with your product development team to solve your tough separation problems. We have decades of experience working with foods, beverages, flavors, additives, nutraceuticals and edible oils. Our experience includes concentrating, desolventizing, drying, recovering, and deodorizing.
Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following food processing applications:

Concentrating Beverages To Higher Levels Than Conventional Evaporators Concentrating coffee, tea, and other solids-containing liquids pose severe operating challenges to the beverage industry due to the heat and shear sensitivity, foaming, and fouling characteristics of these materials. The Artisan Rototherm® mechanically aided thin-film evaporator overcomes these problems, and concentrates in a single pass, for a variety of beverages, replacing two or more unit operations with one space saving machine.

Aroma Recovery

go The Artisan Evaporator/Stripper® is the only multi-staged non-mechanical thin-film processor capable of recovering valuable flavors and aromas directly from a slurry. The Evaporator/Stripper not only costs considerably less than the competing technologies to install and operate, it offers additional feature/benefits.

Purifying Natural Flavors And Extracts

Strip the undesirable contaminants to non-detectable levels with no loss of valuable aroma/flavor compounds. The highly turbulent film, extremely short residence time and rapid surface renewal make the Rototherm® the most suitable evaporator/concentrator for your difficult purification problems.