In addition to our in-house pilot plant, Artisan also offers a wide range of pilot and laboratory equipment for lease at your facility.

Now you can run pilot tests in your own plant when:
  • Extended R & D time is required
  • Larger quantities of test product are needed for further study or market evaluation
  • Pilot testing at Artisan is not practical due to unique timing or process requirements

Leasing is also a great way to familiarize and train your personnel in the use of our equipment. Our experienced process engineers can provide installation and operation/start-up assistance.

Examples Of Leased Equipment:

 Core equipment — mounted on a support frame

Artisan Evaporator/Stripper™


Artisan Rototherm®



Ready to connect to your utilities.

  • Artisan Evaporator/Stripper system — based on an ESLJ 2-26 Evaporator/Stripper column
  • Artisan Protherm® 50 — lab-scale, thin/wiped-film evaporator system

Ancillary Equipment

Available in various sizes. Can be skid-mounted with interconnecting piping when leased with core equipment.

  • Rising-film evaporators
  • Pre-heaters
  • Condensers
  • Vapor/liquid separators

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