Engineered Thermal Separation Solutions

Application-Specific Engineering Ensures Higher Performance

Artisan provides Engineered thermal separation solutions to meet your specific processing needs. Our proprietary evaporation, stripping, and distillation technologies, are particularly suited for materials that are viscous, heat-sensitive and contain solids. We combine our expertise and testing data, from pilot plant test results, to design and scale-up an efficient process for your specific application.

Evaporation, Stripping, and Distillation

Rototherm® E concentrates liquids and pump-able slurries.
ProTherm® 50 is a laboratory/pilot scale version of the Rototherm®E, designed as a alternative to batch rotary evaporators.
Evaporator/Stripper™ column reduces volatiles in heat sensitive and viscous products to low ppm or ppb levels.
Dualflo® Distillation Trays handle difficult distillation or stripping processes in severe fouling service.


Rototherm® P dries a liquid or slurry feed material to a free-flowing dry solid or powder.
Rototherm® D is used for slow-speed, diffusion-limited post vacuum drying of a free-flowing solid material.