Step 1



Artisan’s experienced engineering team will determine which of our proprietary heat and mass transfer equipment will best suit your application. We either will develop a customized solution to improve your current process or will design a new process scheme to reduce operating costs and improve your bottom line. We will deliver a budget proposal, offering our solution with sufficient detail, for your feasibility evaluation.

Please fill out Artisan’s Design Data Questionnaire and one of our Engineers will contact you to discuss which one of our proprietary heat and mass transfer equipment technologies will best suit your application.

Step 2



The next step in the development process  is to test your solution in our Pilot Plant. After you complete our Pilot Plant Questionnaire, Artisan will provide you with a quotation for pilot plant testing.

We will custom-build a single or multi-step system to test the process. By testing your application, using a pilot-scale version of commercial equipment, you will gain invaluable hands-on experience and the confidence to implement your new process.


Step 3



Using proprietary scale-up algorithms and commercial process simulation modeling, Artisan engineers,  using the data collected and analytical result from the pilot plant trial, design your Rototherm®, Evaporator/Stripper™, or distillation system.

Step 4



If you require a full solution to complement Artisan’s Rototherm®, Evaporator/Stripper™ or distillation equipment, our engineers will engineer a complete system. We will specify heat exchangers, pumps, instruments, controls, etc. and then assemble the system based on your plant specifications. The finished system can be delivered to your plant, on modular self-contained skids, to be integrated into your process.