We develop customized solutions for your separation needs

Artisan operates a fully-equipped computer controlled pilot plant to demonstrate how our Rototherm®, Evaporator/Stripper™, and distillation technologies can simplify your operations by eliminating process steps, which reduce plant emissions and operating maintenance costs associated with multiple unit operations.

We’ll generate the data you need to scale-up your process

Artisan will custom-build a single or multi-stage system specifically tailored to your needs, and run the process with your full participation. Whether you need to pilot a new process or improve an existing one, we’ll do whatever it takes to give you the competitive edge.

Achieving your objectives is our top priority

Every request for testing at Artisan goes through an in-depth engineering evaluation, including process simulation, equipment configuration, and preparation of a comprehensive test protocol prior to the start of the test.

For each test, an experienced process engineer will be assigned to manage and supervise the test  to ensure satisfactory results.

  • “We chose Artisan because they were knowledgeable and because they had a pilot plant that could prove the process before we scaled up to production.”
    — Jason Dana, Process Engineer
    Caravan Ingredients
  • “Everything we wanted to do was done and much was learned about the process/equipment.” “Pilot operations made it work. Without them it would have been inefficient and costly.”
    — Mike Leamen, PhD, P.Eng.
    Director of Engineering
    Strenna Industries
  • “I felt like the entire testing group was genuinely interested in satisfying my process needs and getting the desired end product.” “Several conditions were tried to get the desired outcome, which provides insight on the equipment capabilities.”
    — Celanese Chemicals

Equipment & proven engineering expertise guarantee results

Whether you want to pilot a new process or improve an existing one, our pilot plant will be custom-configured to test.

For every test, we conduct thorough pre-test planning. Our engineers work closely with you to develop a testing protocol. During all testing, our state-of-the-art control system ensures the process is accurately controlled and fully documented.

We begin with bench-scale feasibility tests to determine if our equipment is right for your process. We then move up to pilot-scale testing to collect data for design, scale-up, operation, and integration into your process.

Depending on your specific application, we will build a single or multi-step process which may include our Rototherm®, Evaporator/Stripper™, or a distillation column with structural packing or Dualflo® trays. We can even set up high-vacuum distillation with thin/wiped film evaporation and stripping in a single process.

We can perform reactions, both batch and continuous, and concurrently test the appropriate post-reaction unit operations to produce the finished product. Our pilot plant can also accommodate additional upstream or downstream unit operations like centrifuges, coalesces, belt coolers, pelletizers, extruders, etc.

When testing is complete, you can leave the Pilot Plant with a better process understanding, product samples, documentation, and actual first-hand experience.

Pilot plant capabilities
  • Feed throughputs from 10 to 500 lb/hr, depending on the specific process
  • Hot water, steam and hot oil available as heat transfer media, up to 650 °F
  • Chilling capabilities down to 30 °F
  • Vacuum capabilities to 0.1 mm Hg absolute
  • 7 functioning VFD’s for precise motor control of pumps and other process equipment
  • 80 and 60 gallon agitated feed tanks/reactors, capable of mixing solutions of differing rheologies
  • Various pumps including progressing cavity, gear, diaphragm, centrifugal and peristaltic for handling a wide range of fluid types
  • Opto 22 control system with direct and cascade controlling capabilities
  • Real-time Data acquisition and logging of over 50 process variables in a single setup
  • Karl Fisher Titrator, moisture analyzer, precision balances, fume hood and common laboratory glassware onsite for use during pilot trials
  • Laboratory space available for onsite analytical testing, including gases and connections for GC and HPLC instruments
  • Relationships with local laboratories for off-site analytical testing

Pilot plant process equipment

The Artisan pilot plant facilities offer a range of proprietary equipment including:

  • Artisan Rototherm® horizontally agitated thin-film evaporators: stainless steel units with ¼, ½, 1, and 2 square feet of heat transfer area.
  • Artisan Evaporator/Stripper™: 2” inside tube diameter, 13-tray stainless steel modules that can be combined to as many as 52 disc & tube trays.
  • Artisan Dualflo® tray column: 4” diameter glass column with up to 15 trays
  • Packed Columns: 4” to 6” diameter stainless steel columns with up to 12 feet of packing. A variety of structured packing is available for up to 40 theoretical stages.