The chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries each face unique product quality challenges when processing foaming, fouling, and solids-containing materials. These processes can be extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive using conventional distillation technologies.

  • Artisan offers continuous distillation solutions that are custom-tailored to your specific problem. Our engineers can help you improve your current distillation process or develop a new process for your most difficult-to-handle products. And our continuous distillation equipment delivers consistent product quality and yield.

Single Stage Distillation

Artisan’s Rototherm® E evaporator is ideal for applications involving the separation of a light component from a relatively non-volatile or heavy component.

Multi-Stage Distillation

Artisan’s Dualflo® Trays handle separations that require fractionation to obtain a pure overheads and bottoms stream.
Artisan can also work with you to specify and design packed towers using low-pressure drop-structured packing. See Process Engineering for more information on how we work with you.

Application: Purifying Glycols

Gabapentin 300 mg for dogs side effects Problem: Recovering ethylene or propylene glycol (used as antifreeze to disperse and remove ice forming on condensers or for deicing aircraft) that is contaminated with floating particles such as dust, salt, sand, etc. Solution: Use Artisan Dualflo distillation trays.

For over forty years, companies have recovered high purity reusable glycol using these proprietary trays. The water vapor stream is glycol free (20 PPM or less) and safe for discharge to the atmosphere. Dualflo trays do not use down comers or overflow weirs and, therefore, stay clean and maintenance free longer than conventional trays.


For distillation processes that involve the purification of heat sensitive, viscous or solids-containing products, Artisan recommends using Rototherm® E evaporator in place of conventional reboilers to improve both yield and purity. Rototherm® offers the advantages of simplicity of operation with extremely short residence time and minimal holdup volume. For more information on the use of Rototherm® as a reboiler please refer to our Rototherm® E evaporator page.