Green Technology that is Cost-Efficient

August 19, 2014

buy Lyrica in dubai Perry Alasti, CTO of Artisan Industries Inc., talks with Food Tech News about his company’s approach to process solutions.

get link FTN: Tell our readers a little about your company. What’s your main line of business?

PA: We are a Process Solutions and Technology Company. We design and build complete process systems for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

FTN: What would you say makes your company unique?

PA: We have been around for more than 75 years, and one of less than a handful of process equipment companies that continues to do its own manufacturing in the US. I would say what differentiates us from our competitors is our unique approach to process optimization and our pilot testing capabilities.

FTN: Who are some of the companies you’ve worked with?

PA: A few companies we’ve worked with are Nestle, Cargill, Kemin, Lipton, Mars, Bunge, ADM, Tyson, Kraft and Caravan.

FTN: What are some of your company’s applications?

PA: Some of our technology’s applications are aroma recovery, chilled water without refrigeration, concentrating beverages, deodorizing essential oils and oleochemicals, drying strategies for flavors and food, lecithin drying, purifying natural flavors and recovering glycerin.

FTN: Are you introducing any new products?

PA: We will be introducing our “Rototherm® V”: a low-cost, small footprint to compliment Artisan’s acclaimed Rototherm® product line. The Artisan Rototherm V is a vertical, mechanically-aided, thin film processor designed to handle a wide range of difficult evaporation applications.

FTN: Where is your current product emphasis?

PA: Alternatives to spray drying! We continue to encourage our customers to consider the Rototherm for their drying applications in lieu of spray drying. Here is quick look at what the Rototherm can do for them:

FTN: What distinguishes your products from the competition?

PA: We have a unique aroma stripping/deodorizing technology that can perform most of the applications currently being done in so-called wipe-film or spinning cone columns, but has the major benefit of having no moving parts.

FTN: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market.

PA: We see our products being uniquely positioned to give our customers the highest return on their investment by eliminating processing steps and using considerably less energy.

FTN: How do you see the next year in terms of economy, sales, technology and product evolution?

PA: We are starting to see a lot more activity in general, but I think with the rise in commodities prices and economic boom in China and India, our customers are going to emphasize what we call “Process Intensification Principals” to extract more productivity from their current processes.

FTN: To what do you attribute your company’s success?

PA: Our unique approach to solving difficult problems and concentrating on helping our customers going Green.