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  • Providing unique solutions for your most difficult process challenges
  • Semi-works productions for market testing
  • Thin-film Evaporation and drying with Rototherm® technology
  • Continuous Distillation and stripping
  • Scale-up verification

Industries & Applications

  • High-Value Product Recovery
  • Stripping of Volatiles
  • Dehydrating Explosive or Highly Flammable Organics
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Drying APIs
  • Concentration of High Value Fine Chemicals and Products
Food & Beverage
  • Beverage and Puree Concentration
  • Citrus Processing & Concentration
  • Flavor & Extract Purification and Concentration
  • Recover Heat Sensitive Additives
Edible Oils & Oleochemical
  • Recovering Glycerin
  • Monoglycerides