Other JET-VAC® Vacuum Equipment

Condensers are an integral part of a steam jet vacuum system. They are used to reduce / remove condensible components from the process stream. This result is a smaller, more economical system and reduced overall steam consumption.

There are two basic condenser types:

Barometric: A direct contact exchanger where the cooling water mixes directly with the process vapors. This is a very efficient design although potential contamination of the cooling water outlet with process material is a consideration.

Indirect: A shell & tube exchanger where cooling water passes through one side (tube side) and the process vapors the other side (shell side). This type of exchanger does not allow mixing of the process stream condensables with the cooling water.

JET-VAC® designs and supplies condensers in compliance with the Heat Exchange Institute (H.E.I.), Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA), and ASME Section 8, Division 1.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (LRVP) are limited in the depth of vacuum they can generate by the vapor pressure of the sealant liquid at the process temperature. However, when used in conjunction with steam jets much deeper vacuum levels can be achieved.

JET-VAC® designs and manufactures steam jet vacuum systems that integrate LRVP’s. These systems are called “Hybrid Steam Jet Vacuum Systems” which use a combination of steam jets and LRVPs.


Process Water Deaeration

JET-VAC® designs and manufactures vacuum systems for use with vacuum deaerating equipment. Vacuum deaeration is used to reduce the corrosion rate in water distribution systems. The JET-VAC® vacuum system is applied to the deaerating system to bring the water to its saturation temperature to reduce dissolved gasses, particularly oxygen, to low levels.