Finding an efficient way to isolate commercial products using thermal separation can be extremely challenging when working with high value chemicals.

Artisan’s thin-film technology is ideally suited for heat-sensitive and viscous materials or products that foul, foam, or contain solids. The equipment can process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise. The short residence time minimizes degradation and discoloration.

Artisan has worked with several Fortune 500 chemical companies and smaller/mid-size manufacturers. We have solved difficult separation problems using a wide range of process technologies including thin-film evaporation, distillation, stripping and drying. Our engineers can help you improve an existing process or design a process for a new product.
Artisan’s extensive experience includes the following chemical applications:


buy Prozac online usa Artisan’s mechanically agitated thin film processors continuously concentrate heat sensitive, solids containing materials from very high moisture content in a single step, eliminating the need for costly, high maintenance filters, centrifuges, or spray dryers.

STRIPPING HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCTS TO LOW PPM LEVELS OF VOLATILES Artisan proprietary falling film Evaporator/Strippers™ are widely used to strip solvents from heat sensitive and solids containing high value products. Short residence time, high surface to volume ratio and extremely low pressure drop make it the most economical alternative to vertical wiped film evaporators (WFE). In most cases, one Artisan stripper can replace two or more WFE’s.


buy Deltasone with visa Produce free flowing powders with little or no moisture from liquid or slurry feed products with Artisan’s mechanically agitated thin film processors from a variety of heat sensitive products. Rapid heat transfer, plug flow, and extremely short residence time make them the most versatile “single step” processors in the industry.