CFD Analysis
At Artisan, all systems are based on thorough testing and design considerations

Save & Optimize Design Problems

Integrating 3-D modeling with Computation Fluid Dynamics analysis lets us quickly solve design problems, saving you money and lead-time as well as yielding a more cost-effective final solution.

buy provigil modafinil Artisan employs the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis capabilities. Fluid behavior and alternative design canbe  easily explored using ANSYS CFX, Fluent and 3D Solidworks Integration.

Sample CFD Analyses

Steam Jet Ejector Design Optimization

here Induced steam jet flow fields can be simulated, in an integrated 3-D model of ejectors, in order to investigate various flow rates, optimize design parameters and identify design limitations. The following analysis series illustrates the flow field of a typical JET-VAC® nozzle assembly.




Stripper Design Validation

At Artisan,  thorough testing and design considerations are part of every system we make. In the analysis below, the process side of a stripper is checked for consistent stream lines and residence time through the shell joint. The jacketed side of the stripper is also reviewed for pressure drop and heat transfer optimization.