Certified Pressure Vessels
Industry-standard software allows Artisan to maintain a completive edge

http://planetapaz.org/noticias-olaneta-paz/noticias-2016/1580-como-son-las-zonas-de-ubicacion-de-las-farc Artisan retains a staff of qualified mechanical engineering personnel, including several licensed professional engineers. We can design pressure vessels with the following considerations:

  • ASME Division 1 & 2
  • Specialty alloys
  • Shell buckling
  • Fatigue design
  • Strain gage and burst testing for proof of non-standard designs
  • Special loading conditions requiring non-standard calculations
  • High temperature design
  • Lethal categorized vessels
  • Special static and dynamic seals
  • Thermal stress and strain
  • Large columns with wind and seismic specifications
  • Quick-actuating closures
  • Dimpled, half-pipe, and baffled jackets using steam or liquid
  • Low cycle fatigue

Our Engineers Have The Latest Tools For Solving The Most Challenging Projects

http://kirschelectricalservices.com/residential-services/?rand=0.9363830245472728 Industry-standard software allows Artisan to maintain a competitive edge by reducing engineering time and helping provide the most cost-effective solutions.

  • Compress
  • Compress FEA (Finite Element Analysis) nozzle solver add-on for use with large nozzle-to-shell designs
  • Vessel designs for ASME Division
  • ANSYS (Solid model integration works with AutoCAD)


Difficult calculations, requiring knowledge and experience with fatigue, external loading and  thermal strain are reasons why customers seek Artisan for their solutions.Shown here is an FEA of a large nozzle (Greater than half the vessel diameter). The FEA nozzle stress analysis shown was required per the ASME code Section VIII-1 Appendix 7.

Sample Custom Pressure Vessels

100 sq. ft. Rototherm®
These 100 sq.ft. Rototherm®’s were shipped to South Korea and met all local codes and standards. Similar designs have been checked for low cycle fatigue, thermal stress and special connection geometry, all non-routine applications of the ASME pressure vessel code.
70-foot Separation Column
Artisan designed this 70-foot column for use in separating solvents. The design required integrating the customer’s nozzle loads with external loading on the column’s connections. Shell section material weight was also minimized using external pressure reinforcing rings that doubled as insulation supports.
45-foot Separation Column
This 45-foot column was designed to limit heat lost through a separation process using clamp-on steam jackets. The temporary saddles shown were constructed and attached for testing, shipping, and installation.