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Artisan Industries Inc. is a provider of thermal separation solutions and has over 80 years of experience solving customer’s specific application requirements.

Utilizing our widespread engineering expertise and capabilities, to solve simple to complex separations, in an assortment of industries, Artisan Industries Inc. has been able to capture unique separation solutions  that become novel to each industry’s needs.

Artisan’s experienced Engineers will determine which of our proprietary process solution technologies will best suit your specific application and will either develop an engineered solution, to either improve your existing process or will design a new process.

Artisan’s Engineers configure a complete an extended pilot test system to provide scale-up data then utilize this data to scale-up your system for your specific application requirements.

Every industry has a key player who sets new trends and competitive products. Artisan gives these key players the competitive advantage, in their industry, by providing customers products that are made more efficiently, competitive, cost-effective, and waste reducing.

Not only does Artisan Industries Inc. provide customers with a new or improved process, we provide customers an ending product that will set the new industry standard. Please contact or 781-893-6800 to contact an Artisan Engineer for more information.